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Discover the range of sustainable and fair trade clothing from WeCo store

fairtrade kledij en fairtrade kleren brussel


Discover the webshop:

Discover WeCo at Yuman: Chaussée de Charleroi, 123 - 1060 Bruxelles

Discover WeCo at events: WeCo event calendar

Why do we recommend WeCo store?

The passionate founders behind WeCo are committed every day to make it easier for us to find ethical and sustainable clothing and accessories. From their experience it was not easy to find sustainable clothes in Brussels, so they decided to roll up their sleeves and start WeCo store.

They do all the research work so we don't have to. They contact the makers directly and ask critical questions about how the clothing is made, where, by whom, in what circumstances ... In short, the story behind it. In this way, only clothing that is truly ecological and fairtrade comes into their e-shop. Easy for us, right? :)

Their vision is "less is more", better to buy less and of higher quality. You can always contact them with questions and they are happy to tell the story behind each item of clothing.

What can you find here?

  • Clothing, accessories and lingerie for men and women

  • Sustainable brands such as Armedangels, Wunderwerk, Rifo, MUD jeans and Swedish Stockings

  • Advice and tips

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