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About Mixua


Emilia Cantero is founder and eco-guide of the (very first ever!) Eco Tours in Belgium. She is also a keynote speaker specializing in tips & tricks for an urban, ecological lifestyle.

Emilia was born in Argentina (Santa Fé) and grew up in Ghent. She studied Economic Sciences where her passion for circular economy was sparked. She is always on the lookout for the latest trends, inspiring experiences and passionate "changemakers".

Emilia believes that everyone can make a positive impact through her / his lifestyle. That is why she founded Mixua. The name Mixua refers to 'my choice'. It is a play on words between the Spanish word "mi" ("my") and the French word "choix" ("choice"). Each person can make a positive difference through their conscious choices.

Mixua's goal is to inspire.
We do this via the Eco Tours, online workshops and teambuildings. Through the sustainable discovery guide we want to make ecological addresses and products more accessible.

Mixua team



Manager Discovery Guide and eco-guide Belgium

Favorite quote: "If you change nothing, nothing will change"

EcoTour teambuilding workshops Brussels_edited.jpg


Eco guide & workshop facilitator Brussels

Favorite quote: "Change does not have to be spectacular to make an impact"

Eco Tour teambuilding workshops Antwerpen_edited.png


Eco guide & workshop facilitator Antwerp

Favorite quote: "Be the change you want to see in the world"

Eco Tour teambuilding workshops Brussels_edited.png


Eco guide & workshop facilitator Antwerp

Favorite quote: "Life becomes easier when you no longer have to account for everything you have done, but just do what feels and is good"



Eco guide Ghent


Favorite quote: "Change starts with yourself. You only have your own behavior under control"



Eco guide & workshop facilitator Brussels


Favorite quote: "The biggest threat to our planet is the thought that someone else will save it"


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