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Inspire and motivate your team around sustainability. Make a positive impact together!

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For who is the Eco Lifestyle Tour?

  • You want to discover new eco-places: zero-waste shops, plant-based coffee bars, fair clothing, local products and sustainable innovation

  • You search for inspiration, tips and advice to live more eco-friendly

  • You are curious te meet passionate changemakers and sustainable entrepreneurs

  • You want to have an unique experience together

Eco-Tour teambuilding-bedrijfsuitje
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What can you expect? (2h)

  1. On-the-go to zero-waste: Discover the newest zero-waste shops and products

  2. Sustainable and fair clothing is booming: What is it, how to recognize it and where to find it?

  3. Visit an urban garden, beekeeping or permaculture and all it's inhabitants

  4. Discover coffee and lunch bars with a plan-based offer

  5. Innovation: Experience new products, materials and business models that are shaping the future