16 zero-waste workshops in Brussels

Are you looking for a zero-waste workshop, inspiration session or information session for your team or yourself in Brussels? Then this is the place to be. We have listed 16 different ones that will definitely inspire you and make you want to get started. We also made a list of zero-waste workshops in Antwerp and Ghent.

zero-waste inspiratiesessie informatiesessie teambuilding in Brussel Mixua

1) How to start zero-waste at home or in the office? by Mixua

You’d like to reduce your ecological footprint, but you don’t know how to start or you need some fresh inspiration? During this inspiration session, you will receive all sorts of handy and fun tips & tricks that will make you want to get started. Available for groups (e.g. teambuilding). More info.

Also available:

  • How to make your wardrobe more zero-waste? Facts and anecdotes about how to make your clothes more sustainable. Find out more.

  • How to make your bathroom more zero-waste? Facts and anecdotes about how to make your bathroom more sustainable. Find out more.

ecologische inspiratiesessie informatiesessie teambuilding Brussel Belgie

2) Discover the latest 'easy swaps' or ecological alternatives by Mixua

In recent years, many sustainable products have become more accessible, helping us to live in a more ecological way. Examples are the bokashi, shampoo bars, loofahs or cleaning products in pods. We are happy to explain all about it. Be surprised and seduced! This inspiration session is available for groups (e.g. teambuilding). More info.

duurzame inspiratiesessie informatiesessie teambuilding Brussel Belgie

3) How to shop zero-waste in a regular supermarket? by Mixua

Packaging-free shops are hip and trendy, but often far away if you don’t live in a city. Luckily, you can also buy zero-waste or low-waste in a regular supermarket. How? Mixua will be happy to explain this using tips and tricks and examples. This information session is available for groups (e.g. teambuilding). More info.

4) What is the Bokashi and how do you use it? by Mixua

30% of our residual waste is organic waste that can be composted, but this is often not easy if you don’t have a garden. Fortunately, Bokashi offers a solution. With this method, you can give your residual waste a second life without unpleasant odours or trouble from flies, in a small space. Moreover, you can compost many more types of food than is possible with a worm bin or garden compost. Mixua will gladly explain what it is and how it exactly works. Afterwards, you can get to work right away. This information session is available for groups (e.g. teambuilding). More info.

home organising zero-waste teambuilding brussel ecozy

5) Workshop 'Home organising' by Ecozy

Nowadays, we often lack the time for what is really essential. Thanks to this home organizing method, you will clear away the clutter, chase away the superfluous and reorganize better. The result: a home where you can really recharge your batteries or an office where you can concentrate.

Discover what new habits you can adopt that will enable you to save time and consume less, but better. Discover the causes of clutter in a home, your areas of improvement, where to start, storage advice, etc. More info.

DIY zero-waste workshops teambuildings brussel Orybany

6) DIY workshops by Orybany

Orybany offers a variety of creative, DIY workshops. Whatever your level, these workshops are open to everyone, teenagers and adults alike (no requirement). You can choose between the following workshops: creative sewing, knitting, embroidery, drawing, jewellery, candles, terrariums, natural cosmetics (beauty products), natural cleaning products, origami, flower art, painting and zero-waste lunch. More info about these inspiration sessions and workshops.

7) Textile upcycling by Cadavres Exquis

Demonstration of the recovery of clothes using a zero-waste approach. Introduction to the repair, individualisation and reworking of clothes. A fun and environmentally friendly way to learn about sewing and ‘slow fashion’. More info.

DIY workshop verzorging cosmetica brussel teambuilding Make Senz

8) 'Slow cosmetics' by Make Senz

During this workshop you will learn how to take care of your skin in a natural way. You will make organic cosmetic products that are tailored to your needs, such as a face lotion based on organic flower water for a radiant skin and a nourishing balm for the lips. You can personalize the products according to the needs of your skin and based on advice. More info.

DIY zeep verzorging workshop teambuilding Make Senz brussel

9) Make your own soap by Make Senz

In this interactive and fun workshop, you learn the basic techniques for making cold soap. You are guided step by step and make 500 gr of soap per person. The basic formula is made with raw and certified organic ingredients. You can choose your own essential oils, pigments and vegetable oils to personalize your creations. More info.

10) Make your own cleaning products by Alma Sana

Learn to make your own natural household products with simple recipes that you can easily apply at home! Learn to make, among other things, washing-up liquid, all-purpose cleaner and liquid detergent for a softer wash. You will go home with recipes and lots of tips. More info.

zero-waste DIY workshops teambuilding Brussel Alma Sana

11) Make your own natural care products by Alma Sana

Are you motivated to change your habits? Are you looking for easy and efficient ecological alternatives? During this workshop you will make fresh toothpaste, a soft roll-on deodorant, face cream, make-up remover, body milk or lip balm. All necessary ingredients for the products are present. More info.

Les Valeurs de Sophie DIY zero-waste workshop teambuilding

12) Bee's wrap workshop by Les Valeurs de Sophie

Become an expert in making and using a bee's wrap! During this workshop you will make your own bee's wrap and discover the different manufacturing methods, but also the maintenance and the use of this particular zero-waste product. Each participant leaves with his or her own bee's wrap. More info.

13) Healthy and zero-waste snacks for young and old by Le Palais Vert

Simple recipes without waste, good for your health and for the planet. Take the opportunity to roll up your sleeves and discover all kinds of vegetable recipes: homemade lemonade, energy balls, anti-spill pancakes... Ready to be surprised? More info about this workshop.

food zero-waste workshop teambuilding brussel molleke

14) Storage methods without refrigerator by Molleke

Since prehistoric times, man has found all kinds of tricks to preserve food for longer, to eat even in winter. Now that almost all foods are available all year round, Molleke suggests talking about food preservation without a fridge or freezer. These methods are sometimes forgotten, even though they represent delicious food and can be easily applied at home. More info about this workshop.

atelier groot eiland food workshops brussel teambuilding

15) Zero-waste food workshops by Atelier Groot Eiland

Fancy a healthy and culinary zero waste workshop? Carrot cake, pesto, lemon cake or lemonade: these are just some of the possibilities. Come and add to your recipe book without the least bit of waste. Ingredients and materials available on the site. More info.

zero-waste baby workshop teambuilding brussel Ecozy

16) Zero-waste baby by Ecozy

A baby turns your heart and life upside down, just like your dustbin. During this workshop you will discover how to avoid waste and harmful products for your little one. Zero waste is a way of life where you go back to basics, accessible for everyone. Discover what you really need for your baby, avoid the unnecessary, keep the essential, washable nappies (models, brands, materials, costs, maintenance), natural baby hygiene, a birth list in zero waste mode, etc. More info.

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