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Discover the honey products of Bees-Api Brussels

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Why do we recommend Bees-Api Brussels?

If you like honey, you must have tried Bees-Api. Delicious in taste and produced with care on the rooftops of Brussels. 100% Belgian and 100% natural.

It all started in 2013 with Neset, an alumni at the veterinary school, who installed two beehives in his garden in Brussels. The trees stopped bearing fruit due to the lack of pollination. At the time, he didn't know much about beekeeping, but he soon became fascinated and seduced by these little friends. Due to this interest, he quickly learned more about beekeeping and met other beekeepers, allowing him to deepen and enrich his knowledge.

With a young and committed team, Bees-Api Brussels is now proud to produce high quality local, natural honey and thus contribute to the preservation of nature. Bees-Api ensures care for the welfare of bees, respect for the environment and responsible beekeeping.

You can also adopt a beehive! You will receive 10 kg of honey every year for yourself, or to share with others ;) You therefore contribute to the preservation of a beehive and its living environment, but also to biodiversity in Brussels. Your financial contribution will be used for planting 16 trees per year through reforest 'ACTION, and for the WWF association to which 1% of the profit is donated.

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