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5 Belgian sustainable clothing brands

This last week of April, it's Fashion Revolution week! The purpose of this week is to make people aware of the abuses that the fashion industry ('fast fashion') creates, but on the other hand, how we can deal with our clothes and those who make our clothes in a better way.

In light of this, we are happy to share 5 Belgian clothing brands that are sustainable! If you want some extra inspiration, you can find more articles on sustainable clothing in the blog. In the Mixua Online Discovery Guide you will discover where to find eco-friendly and fair trade clothing in your neighbourhood!

Belgische, duurzame kledingmerken mAke webshop eerlijke mode

Anke reworks old jeans jackets into new, trendy jackets. This has inspired her to start a webshop full of ecological and fair-trade clothing.

Belgische, duurzame kledingmerken Tropas schoenen en sneakers

Caro designed circular shoes that are produced in Spain. Materials, such as old jeans, are reused. These are collected by hand in Belgium, washed and cut in social workshops. This is then reused as a shoe pattern.

It also ensures that the shoes are easy to disassemble, so that they can be reused and repaired. So you can return your used Tropas and almost the entire shoe will be reused. Wood is used to make design furniture. Rubber is shredded and reused in new outsoles. Textiles are shredded and reused as insulation material.

In addition, Tropas gives people meaningful jobs by partnering with social enterprises.

The use of chemicals is kept to an absolute minimum and they aim to use no chemicals at all in the future.

Belgische, duurzame kledingmerken Marjan Storme slow fashion gent

Exclusive garments made with an ethical philosophy. Slow fashion' is the key word here. Marjan believes in beautiful, durable garments rather than fashion seasons. This label stands for quality, in every step of the process. Step into the world of contemporary clothing and timelessness. Belgian design with production in Portugal to support the European economy and to ensure that all employees work in good conditions.

Belgische, duurzame kledingmerken Go As U.r Antwerpen

Vegan conscious brand designed by Annelies Lambert for an active lifestyle, made from sustainable and locally produced materials.

The fabrics are made from natural, recycled or regenerated fibres, for example eucalyptus cellulose fibre, organic cotton, regenerated fibres made from discarded nylon such as sea fishing nets and recycled polyester. Go as U.r also works with Oeko-Tex or GOTS certified dyes that are water-friendly and contain no metals or toxic elements. This brand also plays with the power of colours to positively influence our mood.

Production takes place in a small town near Porto in Portugal. This allows Go as U.r to reduce production time, costs and the carbon footprint of transport.

Belgische, duurzame kledingmerken Mr Manchette mannenkleren mannenkleding

Quality men's shirts and women's shirt dresses made with love and respect for people and the environment. Most of the production is done in Portugal, near Porto. It is a small atelier that makes clear steps towards more ecological and sustainable fashion.

Materials used are amongst others 100% organically certified cotton, tencel and natural corozo or wooden buttons. The cotton is mostly from Turkey or India.

Dyeing, printing and most of the post-processing is done in a GOTS-certified way. This means that no harmful chemicals are used and that good working conditions are guaranteed. Within the ecological fashion, GOTS certificates are the most common guarantee for ecological and fair products. The shirts are digitally printed with ecological inks at only 30km from the production workshop.

About Mixua

Mixua believes that everyone can make a positive impact. Therefore we want to inspire on the way to a more ecological lifestyle. We do this through different activities like Eco Tours, online workshops and the online Discovery Guide.

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