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5 emerging clothing brands you have to know about

For some years now, more attention has been paid to the impact of fashion on our planet, and that's a good thing! Big fashion houses are taking their first steps towards a more sustainable approach. But there are also many - mostly female - entrepreneurs who want to contribute in a smart way to a better fashion world. Thanks to their well thought-out material choices, their commitment to circular fashion and attention to local or fair production, you can easily fall in love with their beautiful designs. In this post you will discover 5 emerging sustainable brands.

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duurzame kleding eco-vriendelijke mode trendy

1. The Tiny Big Sister

The tiny big sister is the adult sister of the ecological kids label Tiny Cottons. Tiny cottons was founded in Barcelona in 2012 with the simple mission of creating quality kids clothes with a story behind every collection. For the last two years there has also been a women's collection, for the mums of those cool kids (and all the other cool women, too!). The Tiny Big Sister is eco-friendly, fair production and the use of sustainable fabrics are a must. The designs are feminine and playful at the same time, fresh and stylish with a wink.

duurzame stoffen linnen kledingstuk betaalbaar kleren

2. Linenfox

Did you know that linen is one of the most sustainable fabrics? Lithuanian company Linenfox designs modern and stylish snits out of this natural fabric. You choose a garment from the collection and one of the 24 colours, and then the team of local seamstresses goes into action. 6-8 weeks later, your new acquisition is delivered to your home! The garment is made especially for you. No overstocks, no surpluses, and a piece of beautiful, affordable quality linen, all according to your taste. That's sustainability.

circulaire mode upcycling gerecycleerde stoffen lingerie

3. Anekdot

Anekdot comes from the word anecdote. Each fabric selected by German-Swedish designer Sofie has its own story and special origin. These are fabrics with a past, that originate from overproduction and end stocks, but also from recycled materials and vintage surpluses. In this way, new stories and meaningful designs are created. Anekdot creates refined lingerie that is an ode to the female form. That is upcycling, with a beautiful result.

tijdloze mode fairtrade kwalitatief duurzaam tencel

4. Wearable Stories

The story of Belgian label Wearable Stories started in Bali, where designer Loredana Falone developed a powerful vision on fashion. Wearable Stories stands for casual and contemporary pieces, which breathe various cultural influences, while holding on to timeless values. The aim is to give women the power to be confident with each collection and to inspire other women. To create your own wearable story.

The collections are feminine and convincing. Wearable Stories opts for production according to fair trade principles, from sustainable, high-quality fabrics such as tencel.

kleding restafval modeindustrie accessoires kledingstukken ethisch

5. Studio Ama

Ama is the Latin imperative and stands for doing something because it's what is right, without having to ask questions. This is what inspirational designer Soraya Wancour does and creates from a personal conviction and desire. Studio Ama wants to be an alternative model within the fashion industry, as sustainable and ethical as possible. Residual waste from the local textile industry is given a new purpose in the garments and accessories. A social enterprise in the neighbourhood takes care of the production. The designs are all statement pieces that you will enjoy for years. Local, ethical, sustainable, circular, Studio Ama sets the example!

About Laura Switten

Laura is the founder of Honesse. Her passion is researching and selecting the finest, ecological and affordable brands. Her motto: Starting with sustainable wardrobe is easiest from the bottom ;-)

About Mixua

Mixua believes that everyone can make a positive impact. Therefore we want to inspire on the way to a more ecological lifestyle. We do this through different activities like Eco Tours, online workshops and the online Discovery Guide.

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