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Sustainable business program

Concrete steps towards sustainable business with a committed team!

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Approach sustainable business program

This program is a collaboration with Axudo.

1. Intake (1h)

Discussion process tailored to your company.

5. Workshop action plan

based on established vision (4h)

Which actions do you want to take on as a company and as employees?

2. Inspiration session (2h)

Why sustainable business, best cases and useful tips & tricks for a sustainable lifestyle.

5. Wrap up meeting (2h)

The action plan is established, priorities and 'persons to act' are determined. You are ready to get started!

3. Workshop sustainable vision (4h)

What are you already doing? What are the challenges? Which world would you like to help create? 

6. Follow-up (4h)

What are the results? What went well? What went less well? Determine actions to create further momentum.

For who is the sustainable business program?

  • You want to make a sustainable impact with your company and your employees?

  • You want to involve and engage your team. This crucial aspect is often overseen.

  • You want to make more than profit alone? Sustainable relationships with your employees, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders of the company?

  • You would like to work more sustainably, but you don't know where and how to get started?

  • You are overwhelmed with information and don't see the forest from the trees?


What can you expect?

  • We guide the evolution of your company towards a more sustainable company with concrete actions on short and long term.

  • We inspire the team on how they can also make a positive impact through their lifestyle and become ambassadors in the company (sustainable lifestyle)

  • Customization of the story you want to write. No ' one size fits all ', like other programs. The participating team members are at the wheel, determining the actions and persons to act.

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Info or price quotation

Customized price offer from €7,500 excl vat.

Jocelijn Geurts

+32 486 68 36 56

Contact us for a custom quote or questions.

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