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Eco LifestyleChallenge

Get inspired with fun, ecological tips & tricks from your personal guide. 100% free!

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Why participate?

  • Learn somethingnews 

  • Surprise yourselfone small step every dayto a more sustainable lifestyle

  • Discover what you can do at home aroundzero-waste, fair fashion, natural care and DIY

  • It's going to be fun! Join with friends, family or colleagues.

  • We could all use some positivity . Be part of our Mixua community and make a difference with us :)

Howdoes it work?

  1. Sign up and get the first video right away.

  2. Invite friends and family to join you. This way you can support each other in this, exchange experiences and have fun together.

  3. During 7 dagen  you will receive an email every day with an inspiring video from Emilia. Every day we tackle a different part of the house.

  4. Share your experiences, questions and tips with the other participants. This is how we inspire each other in the Mixua community!

  5. Start whenever you want.

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Hello! I'm Emily.

I am an eco-guide and founder of Mixua and would like to help you find inspiration and have fun while taking your first steps towards a more ecological lifestyle. Join me andmore than 500other participants in this fun challenge! 

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