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Zero-Waste  Workshop

Food & Kitchen

Online Zero Waste Workshop

food & kitchen

Price €35 per person. 

Expensive:1 month

Level: beginners 

4 online modules:one module of  every week+/- 25 minutes 

This oneonlineworkshop you can followwhenandWhereyou want. 

You would like to take (further) stepstowards a more zero-waste or low-waste lifestyle, but you don't find new inspirationor you havea push in the backnecessary? You would like to learn more or get started withfeasible, practical tips & tricks

During this oneonline workshop let's grab oursfood and kitchento: Howpurchaseswhat to do in a regular supermarket if you don't have a packaging-free store nearby? How can youleftoversto rescue? Do you also make the 8 most commonsorting errors? What are the latest 'must have'products for a practical zero-waste kitchen? Whichtoolscan you make it yourself quickly and easily?

Testyour knowledge,byeyou out and make another bigger onepositive impact!

portret Emilia.PNG

Hello! I'm Emily.

I am an eco guide and founder of Mixua. My mission is to help you get inspired and have fun while taking steps towards a more ecological lifestyle. During these online workshops I host the video interviews. Join me in this transformative workshop!contact mein case of any question.

What do you get?

  1. 4video modules full of feasible tips & tricks + FREE checklists!
    Each week we will cover a different theme. 


    • Week 1: How to make purchases in a regular supermarket?You don't have a packaging-free store nearby or you don't have time for it? It is simply easier to do all your shopping in just one store. With these golden tips you can also do zero-waste shopping! 
      + FREE checklist


    • Week 2:How to save leftover food?Leftovers such as banana peels, eggshells or coffee grounds quickly end up in the rubbish bin or with the vegetable waste. Too bad, because you can still do remarkable things with it, such as surprising recipes, care products or preserving. In this module you will discover numerous tips & tricks and new ideas. Fun and zero-waste! 
      + FREE recipe bundle


    • Week 3: Do you make these 8 most common recycling mistakes?You distinguish plastic, paper and residual waste, but because of these 8 recycling errors, much of this is not reused (and is incinerated). Moreover, discover how you can quickly and easily compost your daily vegetable waste in your kitchen without bad odors or flies (no garden needed!).

    • Week 4: 'Easy swaps': Discover the latest 'must-have' products for a practical zero-waste kitchen, learn which tools you can quickly and easily make yourself and watch the exclusive interview with Sam from Too Good To Go!

    • ADDITIONAL:Eco Quizto test your knowledge!

  2. A weekly challenge to get started. Challenge yourself, at your own pace.

  3. Ask all your questions via a closed forum.

  4. Your investment in lifelong knowledgeand unique experience is only €8 per module.


Zyncke A.

Educational! I'm really looking forward to getting started with this effectively!


Els VD

Very nice, great to be stimulated for a few weeks with 'challenges' towards an (even) more ecological lifestyle.


Lut M.

This online workshop is super inspiring!

Certainly do!

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