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Why female entrepreneurs are leading the eco-movement

In December it will be a year that I organize Eco Lifestyle Tours, and I've learned a great deal from these experiences. I want to share with you today one in specific. I've observed that most entrepreneurs in the eco-world are women. Yet, when we look at the numbers of entrepreneurship in general, there are double as many male entrepreneurs in comparison with female entrepreneurs. So, I went searching for the answer on this question: "Why are female entrepreneurs so present in the eco-business?"

I found my answer through Brazilian Prem Baba, humanistic psychologist. He explains the connection between the environmental crisis and femininity. Bear with me.

Femininity is related to acceptance and receptivity. When it's abused, it turns into submission. Masculinity is related to action and achievement. When it's abused it turns into violence. Nature and creation is a manifestation of femininity. The imbalance that we experience today in nature, reveals the severe mistreating and submission of femininity. The pollution of water, deforestation, excessive consumption and waste is all disrespect of femininity. What we see that is happening outside, with nature, is a direct reflection of how we treat femininity in our society, and even within ourselves (as both woman or man).

Take a moment to answer these questions honestly. What do you think when I say "femininity"? Do you relate it to strong or weak? Do you relate it to respected or unrespected? Do you think about dominance or submission? I would answer weak, unrespected and submission. This is what society has thought me. But at least I'm not punished by showing femininity like men are. We teach our boys and men to avoid at all cost their femininity side, because that reflects weakness.

So now, it becomes clear why the eco-movement is led mostly by women. Women have often a more present femininity side, and just like nature, women still don't have a loud voice in society. We see that change needs to happen. Remember the #metoo movement this year? Helping society to respect nature is a direct way of helping society respect femininity. It's only when we harmonize with femininity, both women as men, on the outside and on the inside, that we will harmonize with nature.

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