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How to inspire others to live more eco-friendly

You try to live eco-friendly, because you care about your health, your community and the environment. However, nobody or only a few people around you seem to care about this. They might think living eco-friendly is for strange people ('geitenwollensokken'), or that it's more expensive or they simple prefer to ignore it. Does this sound familiar?

Well, here is what I observed. There is one thing the eco-community has long been doing, and it has given being eco-friendly a bad image. Negativity. We have all seen sad and cruel pictures or videos about animals or people. Eco-people usually look grumpy and uncombed, because of all the world problems. They also usually are pointing fingers, always saying what we should NOT do. So we end up punishing ourselves every time we forget to say "no" to a plastic straw. Or is that only me? This is just really bad marketing and PR.

So, I suggest we make being eco-friendly sexy and fun!

So, I suggest we make being eco-friendly sexy and fun, just like all big corporations do to sell us all kind of sh*t we don't need. Why not use their strategy, for something that actually matters, a lot? Here's my list of do's:

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1) Have fun

I think it's super fun to experiment with an eco-lifestyle. This past year I learned so much, gained so many new experiences and met amazing people. I learned making my own toothpaste, facial scrub, home cleaners, I bought unique fair fashion pieces, went to fun events and workshops and made new friends. And when you have fun, you're attracting others to join you. So don't try to convince anyone, just have fun and people around you will pay attention to what you are doing.

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2) Be positive

We're all very tired and saturated of receiving negative news all the time. The national media makes sure of that. Because drama sells, but not in a good way. Nobody wants to be related with bad news. We all want to be related with good news and positivity in our lives. So instead of saying "I buy organic food because that doesn't contain pesticides", we can for example say "I buy organic food because it's more tasty and healthy". Simple as that.gie?

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3) Plant seeds

A tree doesn't grow if you tell them to grow. You first have to plant the seed, then to continue nourishing it. The same goes for creating a new (eco-)lifestyle. It takes time and patience. By changing your lifestyle, your planting seeds in your community. Just lead by example.

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4) Join forces

It's not always easy to start or lead an eco-friendly lifestyle, and sometimes we loose motivation and tend to fall in the negativity trap. That's why I surround myself with inspiring others. It keeps the positivity going. Want to meet others interested in an eco-lifestyle? Join the Mixua Eco Lifestyle Tour !

I hope this article helps you :)

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Mixua believes that everyone can make a positive impact. That is why we want to inspire you on the way to a more ecological lifestyle. We do this through various activities such as the Eco Tours, online workshops and online discovery guide.

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