Eco Lifestyle Masterclass

In 1 month a more eco-friendly lifestyle

Eco Lifestyle Masterclass

Price: €35 per person. Invite friends and get -5% discount as from 2 friends, -10% as from 3 friends.

Period: 1 month. Start on 01/11/2020.

Level: for beginners and advanced

4 online modules: each week 1 module of +/- 25 minutes

This online masterclass stays available and can be followed where en when you want.

Would you like to take (further) steps towards a more ecological lifestyle, but you cannot find new inspiration or you need a gentle push forward? Or, have you already mastered the 'basics' and would you like to deepen your knowledge?

In this monthly journey you will be given lots of inspiration, information and fun challenges to help you take your ecological lifestyle to a next level. Whether you are just starting an eco-friendly lifestyle, or you are already taking many steps, for everyone there is lots to discover as a sustainable lifestyle is very personal.


Every week we will travel to a different world of an ecological lifestyle: food and kitchen, the wardrobe, natural care and the bathroom, and urban innovation (4 modules). On top of this, you meet passionate changemakers who are experts in each field so you can learn from the best.

Challenge and deepen your knowledge, meet today's sustainable heroes and share this experience with new eco-buddies. Ready to make an even bigger positive impact?

Hello! I'm Emilia.

I am eco-guide and founder of Eco Tours Mixua.
My mission is to help you find inspiration and have fun while taking steps towards a more ecological lifestyle. Join me in this unforgettable online masterclass! Don't hesitate to contact me in case of any question.

What do you receive?

  1. 4 modules of +/- 25 minutes filled with tips & tricks, video-interviews with experts and challenges to take action that week. Every week we travel to a new ecological world:

  2. Weekly challenge: every week we challenge you to take action according to your level. Test yourself and make a (bigger) positive impact!

  3. Ask all your questions to eco-guide Emilia, the expert changemakers or the other participants using the closed forum. On top of this, you can meet like-minded peers.

  4. Your investment in lifelong knowledge and fun experience is only €8 per module. 

Jocelijn G.

Super interesting tips & tricks and stories from sustainable entrepreneurs. Very Inspiring.

Tine V.H.

Emilia makes it a very interesting and pleasant experience with a lot of inspiration to take with you. Recommended!

Lut M.

I really liked it: lots of useful information from the “insiders” themselves, attention to the “why”, presented in a fun way (dialogue, interaction) and the challenges to get started immediately!

Content 4 modules

  1. Food and kitchen: One of the biggest positive impacts we can make is through the foods we eat. There are the misconceptions that organic is expensive and that plant-based meals are boring or not nutritious enough. Boyana from organic, zero-waste shop Brüt shares tips & tricks about how you can make your current diet step by step more eco-friendly (without radical changes), and of course enjoying every single meal.

  2. Clothes and wardrobe: The fashion industry has an enormous ecological impact and it's not easy to recognize clothes made in respect with nature and workers. With extra help of sustainable fashion expert Lisa from WeCo, you'll learn how to recognize and where to find eco and fair fashion, get an insight in your own wardrobe and discover what the future is bringing.

  3. Skincare and the bathroom: Our skin is our largest organ and absorbs what we put on it. Yet, to understand the ingredients list of skincare products, we almost need to have a Master in Chemistry. Discover tips to understand the ingredient list, which ingredients to pay attention to and what 'slow cosmetics' is about. Sophie from Make Senz, a Brussels' natural skincare brand, gives her expert tips & tricks and answers the most frequently asked questions.

  4. Urban innovation: One of our biggest challenges today is to provide qualitative food created ecologically, especially in areas that are highly populated. With less and less available farming ground, how can we provide great food for as many people as possible? How does the food of the future look like? You'll meet Anne from Urbi Leaf from Brussels, who offers one solution: urban, vertical farming of micro-vegetables. During this module you'll discover what it's all about!

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