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Strategic advice:
sustainable entrepreneurship& circular economy

Mixua refers to partner Rebel consultancy for this.

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Rebel experts have experience in the field of the circular economy in 3 main areas.


Sustainable strategy and sustainability scans
Rebel supports decision-makers within business and government in making their sustainable plans concrete and feasible (within frameworks such as SDG, ESG), as well as in complying with CSRD legislation.

Quantify environmental impact
Rebel offers quick and transparent insight into the environmental impact of an organization, product, service or chain. Based on our analyses, managers and directors make well-founded strategic choices.

Circular purchasing and commissioning
Rebel helps organizations with circular purchasing. To do this, we look beyond just the purchasing process. It requires strategy and ambition, but also market development and ambitious objectives.

Rebel provides expert advice to companies, organizations and local governments in various sectors
and has already collaborated with:


Information or price quote

Emilia Cantero
Circular economy consultant at Rebel

+32 470189213

Contact us for a customized price quote or questions.

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